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a work within the work 

very short film (4 min)

Official selection, 2020 International Festival of Films on Art - Quebec

artist portrait

short film to know and understand the artist’s approach (26mn)

"My work is deliberately oriented towards simplicity. I practice to lead the gesture, in experience of Trait, towards an ideal of perfection»

performance and concert at rendez-vous de Rochebonne

tree portraits in suspension

The artist traces calligrams on the floor. One word for each piece of music. Birth & Bach; Ballade & Ysaye; Goutelettes & Ravel; Ame & Debussy (3mn)

Installation of tree portraits in suspension at the Gallo-Roman Museum of Saint-Romain en Gal(1mn48)

drawing a calligraphic feline  

very short film (2 min 40)

"Before I begin, everything is already in place on the white paper, that ocean of non-existence." Yves Dimier

la forêt imaginaire in Caluire 

time to watch 1mn

La forêt imaginaire installed in an area of 500 square meters, the chapel Saint-Joseph in Caluire, Metropolis of Lyon.
Spring 2021

interview with artist Yves Dimier by Mathieu Rohaert  


Fifteen-minute interview in a 46-minute programme.

Meet artist Yves Dimier, who talks about his “imaginary forest” exhibition – an aesthetic interpretation of nature. Interviewed by Radio Calades’ Mathieu Rohaert on 27 January 2021

ESC-270121-PODCAST-YVES-DIMIERInterview de l'artiste Yves Dimier par Mathieu Rohaert de Radio Calades 27 janvier 2021
00:00 / 46:05

drawing a calligraphic lion 

very short film (1 min) 

​"When you draw a lion, you are the lion." Yves Dimier

pop-up artwork

covering a village fountain with calligraphics.

Artists: Sophie Savin and Yves Dimier

“It was a beautiful experience, using Yves’ calligraphics to dress this fountain. His work was enhanced by the ephemeral nature of the project. And the emotion was even more intense when we removed the images, as you can see in this video.” Sophie Savin

TV report 

on an exhibition of calligraphy by Yves Dimier

Aimer Rêver (autour de) George Sand - Hôtel de Villaines, La Châtre (Indre), summer 2018

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