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"My inks create the bond between the imaginary and the figurative, pursuing a purity of stroke, in search of the perfect gesture." 

the dialectic of inks

Where does writing begin? And drawing end? Ink has the power to unite them.


"The World must be redeemed by beauty." François Cheng


I feel fully invested in my role when I strive, through all the profound subtleties of eastern calligraphy, to impart a vital energy. The works that emerge belong to the last layer of the present, which, like Halévy’s dead wood, "nurtures the life of the cambium, whence burst forth all the buds of life". 

I look on my brush as a tool devoted to serving beauty, to fostering awakenings and self-elevation. In all my experiences of stroke-making, I act respectfully, considerately, going as far as I can to render visible the bonds I create with the world. 


My work is committed to backing women, and against all forms of violence. Equally it is committed to nature, helping to reposition man in the hierarchy of living things.

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